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    EzYezza's Staff Application

    Have you read our Staff Requirements? Yes, i have read all the requirements thoroughly.

    What is your in-game name?
    My IGN is EzYezza

    How old are you?
    14 (18/4/2003)

    What is your timezone / country?
    AEDT, Australia.

    Do you have a working microphone?
    Yes I do own a working microphone.

    How many hours can you contribute to ExtinctionPvP a day?

    Here is my schedule:


    4:30PM - 7:30PM
    8:30PM - 10PM


    6:45PM - 10:30PM


    5:30AM - 6:00 AM
    8:00PM - 11:00PM


    4:30PM - 7:30PM
    8:30PM - 10PM


    4:30PM - 11:30PM


    6:30AM - 9:00AM

    11:00AM - 11:55AM

    2:00PM - 7:00PM

    7:45PM - 11:50PM


    7:00AM - 11:00AM

    1:00PM - 8:00PM

    8:30PM - 10PM

    Do you have Discord?
    Yes i do have discord and i am active on it.

    Have you familiarised yourself with our server and forum rules?
    Yes i know both the server and the forum rules

    Have you ever been punished on ExtinctionPvP before or any other servers?
    No, i have never been punished on any other server.

    What are your past experiences as staff?

    My Experience
    CHARGEMC ( 100 - 150 Members) :

    I have been an MANAGER on ChargeMC for one year, until recently when it closed down as the owner was too busy with exams and sold the server.

    ENDLIGHT CENTRAL ( 50 - 100 Members ):

    Ive been head of factions on Endlight Central (Minecraft Network) for 6 Months, but resigned due to family issues.

    SYFERPVP: ( 200 - 400 Members):

    I have been helper on SyferPvP for 2 months but resigned because the owner did not care about the server and didnt bother to fix any bugs/issues when he was told about of it weeks ago.

    REVISEDPVP: ( 75 - 100 Members )

    I have been a moderator of RevisedPvP for 2 monthes but left after the staff team was immature and accused and banned other members without any proof or evidence.

    I have been a paid manager for many smaller servers im my history.

    What makes you stand out from other applicants?

    I stand out over other applicants because i feel like I have the type of personality to make everyone happy and make them not brake rules at the same time. I am friendly and if anyone needs help i can help them. Ive had a few years of being staff on many servers and fully understand how to deal with players who are unhappy and know how to deal with players who want attention and is toxic on the server.

    How would you benefit ExtinctionPvP ?

    I can provide the following:

    POSITIVE VIBES: Being staff, I can contribute to the server by keeping the chat and area positive and make sure there is no negative. Whist having good vibes and making sure everyone has fun i can stop them if they have taken it too far and starts to rule break.

    HELPFUL PERSON: Already without staff I help people who need help with certain things in game. Ive helped many people set up spawners and help them build their islands. I believe that to help someone do something should be for free as there shouldnt be a cost in order to help someone in need. Helping someone and them being happy is enough for me.

    HAPPINESS: I love helping people and seeing people being happy and enjoying the game. It is the best part of being staff. Too see someone say "Thanks" makes me happy. Many who play Minecraft are new to the game and to being able to help someone play feels great. I love people being happy and being able to play the game without not knowing any aspects of the game.

    RUINERS: People who ruin the game. A few minecraft players use hacks, toxicity and cyber bullying to ruin the game for younger/other players. I believe that these types of people shouldnt be on servers ruining the game for hundreds of others just for their own benefit/joy. I dont think these guys should be on the server, ruining the game so I take it as my job to help punish them.

    SUPPORT: With being an experienced staff member i have dealt with players in need. People who have been going to troubles, in real like or not. Helping these types of people motivates me. People who are staff and needs support i help relieve their stress and help them deal with things they dont know or just some advise that could help them later on. People who are sad make me feel the worst. It hurts me to see them sad/hurt. I don't like too see people sad so i'm always chatting so people helping them sort out their situations.

    Please answer the below scenarios based on what you would do in a situation. Assume that you have all the commands and permissions to deal with the situation.

    1) A user joins the server and starts advertising another server IP in public chat. What do you do?
    I would screenshot the advertisement before muting him on the server.
    2) Two users start arguing in public chat. Everyone starts to get annoyed and joins in on the argument. What do you do? I would move the two players in discord and put them in a group with me in it. I would then get them to call and sort out the situation. I would help with the issue that they are arguing about.

    3) A user is fighting against a known suspected hacker. They message you suspecting the player is hacking. What do you do?
    I would go in vanish to them and watch them for a few minutes, to see if they are hacking. If i am not sure if they are or not i would freeze them, then go in a call with them and screenshare them to make sure they are not using any clients ect.

    Is there anything you would change about ExtinctionPvP?

    I would change the number of people asking for help, as many people are Australian, not many AU's get their questions answered fast.

    Any additional information that you'd like to add?

    I love helping people and making them be happy. Also I think i am one of the best Australian staff out there!
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    Please un-bold your answers and cappitalise some of your "i"s
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    Thanks! I have fixed the issues up.
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    Your application seems straight forward, simple and full in-depth with consistent quality. I wish you the greatest of luck and hope you’re certain you have exceeded all of the requirements here.
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    Thanks! I appreciate your kindness. I hope you have a great day!

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